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Principal's Message

न चौरहार्यं न च राजहार्यं न च भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारि।

व्यये कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्।।

A beautiful saying in Sanskrit which acknowledges that knowledge can neither be plundered by a thief, nor can be taken by the king, cannot  be divided by brothers , it does not have weight. The more education is spent, the more it grows. Hence, the wealth of knowledge is the most superior asset among all.

Knowledge in its very essence, is ever-evolving to decrypt the current requirements of the post-modernist society. The need to stay ahead of the curve and create something remarkable with everlasting impact has led to fast-paced living. As a 21st century organization, the school envisions to set an approach of learning that incorporates inquiry, research, analytical thinking, and an ethical approach that becomes a lifetime habit which  is sustainable and adapts to the current scenario.

Our aim is to provide quality and state of the art education to the students to facilitate them to get into the Indian Armed Forces as Officers and to create an environment in the school which will infuse patriotic fervor among the cadets of the school and develop them mentally, intellectually and spiritually , to be able to face and overcome the challenges  that come their way.

Principal - Mr. Govind Gupta

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